Higanbana Chapter 17 (text only)

Alright, so here’s the deal, in the time I’ve taken to myself, I’ve realized that I’m horribly miserable doing this entirely on my own. I do not want to have to manage others, I already hold a leadership position in a completely separate endeavor and it’s taxing enough. As such, I am closing shop. That said, I don’t plan on leaving this story arc completely unfinished. Following this block of text, an unproofread script for chapter 17, the final part of The Haunted Camera. I’ll repeat, it’s not been proofread. The way I have worked on this in the past is I make one pass over the chapter to translate, another to proof and then have a final rewording when I typeset, so you get stage 1 of the process. It’s likely going to make the least sense of anything I’ve posted and that’s because while I am proficient in both Japanese and English, the two are separate cognitive processes to me that don’t intermingle well.

Thank you for your support over the last 3 weeks.

Higanbana Chapter 17 (first number is page number, second is bubble/text, following proper reading order.)

1-1 So…
1-2 I wonder if
1-3 you’ll get your peaceful happy ending…
1-4 Nonomiya kuuuunnn
1-5 aaah
1-6 Higanbana san…
1-7 are still waiting
1-8 to feel like eating me?
1-9 if so…
1-10 Now might be…

2-1 “Eat
2-2 Me?”
2-3 I don’t know whether or not
2-4 you would taste good right now
2-5 Don’t die…
2-6 With this.. Numata-san… if she can go to hell…

3-1 U fufufu Nonomiya kun, you really are an interesting person….
3-2 You want to go to the cold, lonely place that no one comes back from…
3-3 I’m always so lonely by myself in the infirmary
3-4 No one plays with me… and yet… and yet…
3-5 It’s fun! It’s fun! it’s fun!
3-6 Youko couldn’t… so you will
3-7 become my doll!
3-8 I’ll always play with you!
3-9 Waiting until you’ve grown senile forever in the darkness
3-10 My doll!

4-1 Huh?
4-2 Hey, it’s been a while
4-3 Marie

5-1 U fu fu What’s wrong?
5-2 I said it’s been a while…
5-3 You got buzzed out
5-4 MARIE…Marie…
5-5 Moriya… Marie?
5-6 These two have solved their problem.
5-7 So our turn is up.
5-8 U fufufu I wonder if you’re right?
5-9 A lot of schools have an endless cycle of bullying
5-10 They never resolve anything
5-11 In the midst of all of it, these two changed that
5-12 So I…
5-13 Was just granted a chance

6-1 You’re just like you were then
6-2 That… time?
6-3 You’re… right…
6-4 I was so thankful to you then
6-5 As I died I understood what it felt like to be a dead person
6-6 But that was a mistake!
6-7 You snicker at the feelings of the dead and
6-8 you killed time playing with
6-9 My death
6-10 and Numata-san’s too!
6-11 Hey what does that mean?
6-12 You have to have a reason for being so upset,

7-1 Or is it your mother? ❤
7-2 That’s it! That’s it!
7-3 I reminded Moriya Marie’s mother!
7-4 I need to…
7-5 Moriya san! I… I…
7-6 your…
7-7 I need to tell her!
7-8 mother, I
7-9 It’s okay.
7-10 Mr Principal took care of it.
7-11 So
7-12 She’s completely forgotten.

8-1 Th….
8-2 the…
8-3 Then…
8-4 What I did…
8-5 It really!
8-6 Nonomiya Kun
8-7 about “forgetting”…
8-8 It’s a very cruel thing but…
8-8 That power…
8-9 Could destroy someone’s hatred.
8-10 Just like Numata-san saw.

9-1 Now I… can remain in this form but
9-2 I really should have vanished.
9-3 However
9-4 because of this…
9-5 There are things I can do!
9-6 A hahahahaha What? What? Think you can do?
9-7 Until now
9-8 Kanamori was stranged to death on that shit floor so calmly by you! So now what can you do? Huh? Tell me, Marie chan!
9-9 You really do just snicker at the misfourtunes of others
9-10 People like you…
9-11 Are what I devour!

10-1 Ufu ❤
10-2 u fu fu
10-3 fu fu fu fu
10-4 Let’s dance then, Marie!
10-5 and and
10-6 I surrender to this boring kind of hunting
10-7 You haven’t played with me recently, to rephrase!

11-1 You too have sinned, Marie!
11-2 So! Let’s pllaaaaayyyyyyy

12-1 U fu fu fu in that condition you really are School Youkai rank 8.
12-2 WHen will we continue to dance
12-3 I wonder!?
12-4 Mo… Moriya san!

13-1 Hold on…
13-2 What’re you planning, Marie?
13-3 The strength of your pride
13-4 As it is
13-5 the ground
13-6 is hard
13-7 Shit!

14-1 What the hell!?
14-2 Ahhh, good Marie!
14-3 Very good!
14-4 Dancing is easy!
14-5 Your body is just so squishy
14-6 a haha
14-7 hahahaha
14-8 Marie’s stage
14-9 is her soaring body
14-10 She really is…

15-1 The Dancing Higanbana!

16-1 Moriya san! Moriya san!
16-2 Hey Marie, is that it?
16-3 I guess that took care of my boredom…
16-4 I wonder if it made up for your crimes though…
16-5 So..
16-6 leave..
16-7 here
16-8 quietly
16-9 and I’ll go
16-10 play with you in your infirmary.

17-1 U fu fu fu what was that?
17-2 Is that supposed to attone for your sins?
17-3 Moriya… sa…
17-4 It can’t be helped.
17-5 Please serve some tea
17-6 On top of that…
17-7 Let’s have daifuku too!
17-8 U fu fu fu fu That’s the perfect tea party.
17-9 however I wonder if
17-10 Nonomiya kun’s red blood in our cups would match?
17-11 Like always I’m worried that
17-12 Higanbana san doesn’t ever listen
17-3 Hey!

18-1 Wah…
18-2 This is…
18-3 The hallway in my house?
18-4 u fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu fu

19-1 Whaaatt? beyond that pale thin door
19-2 is that School Youkai Rank 3 “The Dancing Higanbana”. I wonder if she’ll devour you?
19-3 Yes
19-4 School Youkai rank 8, “Meso meso” Marie will
19-5 devour Higanbana san!
19-6 if…
19-7 you…
19-8 could…

20-1 Would
20-2 you listen to
20-3 my tragic tale?

21-1 “Meso meso san!”!!
21-2 I see… I know that story…
21-3 She was able to become the school’s eighth wonder!
21-4 The school youkai inhabits the old building’s bathroom, always crying “meso meso”
21-5 “Meso meso san” is standing in front of the door, asking a question…
21-6 But I can never answer her!
21-7 I can’t open the door!
21-8 If I open it, that’s the end!
21-9 She’s got a nack for crunching up bodies,
21-10 and killing.

22-1 But is that…
22-2 really so?
22-3 If I opened the door, what would really happen?
22-4 I want to find out…
22-5 fu fu ❤

23-1 You can’t open it!!
23-2 “The Dancing Higanbana” Simply can not!!

24-1 ah…
24-2 I need to…
24-3 turn this door knob…
24-4 I need to!
24-5 This isn’t the Marie that stands out!
24-6 Aaa Open this door right now!
24-7 I want to pry it open!
24-8 Higanbana… san…
24-9 The 8th ranked youkai can’t win!
24-10 exhange my words….
24-11 You’ve broken the rules!
24-12 I’m afraid that no one could snatch that position
24-13 as “Meso Meso san”!!
24-14 so.. so…
24-15 I’ll force down the door!
24-16 You shivering thing!

25-1 What’s this feeling…
25-2 I was reeeeeeeeaaaallly glad that you became my friend!!
25-3 I like you, Marie! I looooovvveee yoooouuuuuu
25-4 I really like you too,
25-5 Higanbana san.

26-1 So today, let’s return… The school youkai… belong at the school.
26-2 Oh well, I guess that’s how it is, it’s been a long time since we played to your heart’s content on that stage.
26-3 Who would look after that depressing smelly place?
26-4 Aaa That’s it! You’re my only friend, Marie!
26-5 Soon you’ll be waiting so come here come here You have to come here!

27 (laughter sounds)

28-1 Pweh.
28-2 It’s all right.
28-3 Higanbana sans’s gone back to the school.
28-4 She’s quite fickle so
28-5 she shouldn’t make another pass at you…

29-1 I’ll be heading off too then.
29-2 Tha…
29-3 Thank you so much.
29-4 It… was nothing.
29-5 If Numata san saw that breaking that cycle of resentment….
29-6 I would have liked to see you that courage in you.
29-7 Life and death are a constant struggle but
29-8 You two met and forgave each other.
29-9 Yeah…

30-1 Ah… Right. That camera…
30-2 Yeah?
30-3 There’s only one picture left on it… What are you gonna do with it?
30-4 It belongs to the School Youkai, perhaps returning it would be best?
30-5 Pl… please!
30-6 I will never
30-7 ever use this camera!
30-8 Just twice!
30-9 I won’t disturb Numata san’s rest for any reason!
30-10 But Numata san’s rest isn’t peaceful.
30-11 You’re…
30-12 probably right…
30-13 Yeah, but don’t think about it.
30-14 She has become peaceful.

31-1 As a school Youkai,
31-2 I declare it!
31-3 Aaah, You’re thinking uh…
31-4 No.. no.. that’s…
31-5 Well then
31-6 Lastly

32-1 Moriya san said to…
32-2 In front of the bathroom mirror, if you take one picture, it’ll be okay
32-3 and…
32-4 Take a picture of myself?
32-5 Yes!
32-6 B… but…
32-7 It’ll be fine! nothing scary will show up
32-8 please…
32-9 You’ll understand
32-10 I’m certain.
32-11 Moriya san said to…
32-12 I trust her!
32-13 all right!
32-14 Che
32-15 eese!

33-1 Hey Nonomiya!
33-2 What’re you lookin’ at, huh? Is it the girl you like or…
33-3 Hey!
33-4 what…
33-5 it’s just
33-6 Nonomiya kun?
33-7 ha ha ha ha
33-8 that’s not it, Club President.

34-1 That kid is
34-2 Just a friend.

35-1 phew…
35-2 The tea you make is always delicious, Marie…
35-3 Do.. do you think so?
35-4 But I wonder what that unique flavor is…
35-5 Wahat!?
35-6 is it…
35-7 Water from the toilet that we’re drinking? Is that what you like, Marie?
35-8 I don’t drink it!
35-9 Calm down
35-10 I’m joking.
35-11 Hey Marie, why don’t we play some?
35-12 Ah! Speaking of lies…

36-1 This time he
36-2 He thought like Higanbana-san does.
36-3 I wonder what that means?
36-4 Maybe a roundabout way of tricking me?
36-5 After all, Higanbana-san does as she likes.
36-6 and why was she able to be such a docile figure…
36-7 That’s Higanbana -ish at any rate.
36-8 It’s cute ❤
36-9 What? That cold, cruel unparalleled “Dancing Higanbana” is Cuuuutttteee?
36-10 Yes!<3

37-1 Right! I wonder who the next kid that’ll show up will be?
37-2 Ah! hey! I was going to play with you…
37-3 U fu fu fu No, Marie.
37-4 Even you can’t tame me…
37-5 and I will still take someone prisoner in the infirmary ❤
37-6 and that’s because I am
37-7 The school infirmary’s Dancing Higanbana.
37-8 That’s it Marie. Could you hand me the sugar?
37-9 U fu fu fu You put it in black tea
37-10 But you wouldn’t put it in a green tea

I also can not properly call this a release, so it will not be listed on Manga-Updates. thanks again for your support over the past three weeks. I’d say I enjoyed myself, but I honestly didn’t, I just didn’t notice how much I disliked it.


An update

It’s been a few days longer than I anticipated since my last release and it’ll be at least another 2 days before I release again, if not longer. I’m not going to explain my whole personal life, but I am going to say quite a bit happened that I didn’t anticipate and it’s set me back quite a bit. I’ll be completely honest and say that I currently don’t feel like working on this at all and that I need to get some things in order. I feel a certain obligation though, that because I’ve put out as much as I have I am under obligation to continue, so I’m not going to stop, I just wanted to give an update and say it’s going to take longer than previously anticipated.

I apologize to everyone eagerly awaiting the end of The Haunted Camera. I won’t spoil it, but it’s a good ending.

Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni chapter 16

Updated to fix an unfilled bubble.

One more chapter to go of The Haunted Camera after this one! I’ve been informed that the next section, The Princess’s Lie, is only 5 chapters long, so expect to see that get started before the end of the week.

Chapter 16 here!

I’ve also added a poll about the next series I’ll pick up after I catch up to the monthly magazine that Higanbana is serialized in. Furthermore, I am still looking for a raw provider for Higanbana itself out of the monthly magazine, otherwise we’ll have to wait until volume 5 is published.

The poll page can be found here Please do go vote, I’ve picked the 5 most interesting series to me from the current suggestions list.

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I’m having trouble picking the next manga I’m going to scanlate when I run out of raws of Higanbana, so I’ve opened it up to you guys. I chose 5 series that held my interest and I’d like to know of those, which you guys would like to see.

Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni 15

We’re nearing the end of The Haunted Camera guys, two more chapters after this one, then we’re on to The Princess’s Lie, which, if I’m not mistaken, is ongoing in Japan, being serialized in Dragon Age Monthly. I’ll have to do some digging to see if anyone scans Dragon Age. Of The Princess’s Lie, I believe there are/will be 8 parts out once July’s issue drops if it hasn’t already. I’m currently missing The Princess’s Lie, part 4, I have part 5 and part three is where vol 4 ends (the last volume for which I have raws). The one link I was able to find for Part 4 is dead, so please do leave me a comment if you have the raw and are willing to share. I would greatly appreciate that.

Anyway, on to the chapter. (Updated to V2 to fix typos)

Isn’t Nonomiya just the most Moe character ever?

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